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Online Earning (Top five real money making apps in Pakistan)

It is very rare to find a real money making app that really works .Without investment some of apps are there that give real money

Givvy Social
Its all about collecting points by liking pictures,videos etc. More you like,more you get points more you can earn. In withdrawal option points are converted to USDT .Like 10000 points are likely 1 USDT .you can Withdraw any time. In addition if give rating to an image by clicking on star .It will give you more points.

Bitcoin Blast
Its all about to play game and collecting gives real money more to get coins more you can earn.Withdrawal option
Is always restart after five days of first withdraw .A little bit slow but It is a real money making app that pays you after every five days.

It is a tool that gives you an opperchunity to complete task according to your choice like online surveys, like photos,upload photos of your choice and exchange for real money in your online wallet .you can withdraw later in any amount.
B-Love Network
By installing B-Love app you get 10 BLV token free. It is free to register for a BLV network.By clicking every day you will get a BLV daily. Referrals gives you 10 extra point if any .
After reaching 100 you can withdraw BLV in USDT. Later you can withdraw it in any amount you like from your digital wallet.


Play games, submit online surveys or any other tasks that are micros but it will pay you in jump tokens .you can complete any task according to your choice and get paid .Earn up to 20$ per day .jump tokens can USDT and further you can withdraw it any time.




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